Magdy, I want to thank you for all your help. As a doctor, I know what it takes to help people, and I have much more appreciation for what you did for me and my patients.
Dr. Goldblatt
Magdy, you convinced me that you are the best physical therapist I know. Thanks so much for the dedicated care and for putting up with me.

God Bless
Magdy, thank you so much for helping me and my husband during our ordeal. Your care and understanding was overwhelming. My husband is doing so much better thanks to you and your treatment. We really appreciate all your help.
The Jimenez Family
Magdy, I think you are the best, so does my doctor. He did not expect me to be so far ahead; my shoulder feels great. It feels like I never had such a complicated surgery. There is no pain at all. I am back golfing and having fun again. I owe all to you!!
Mary Becknell
Magdy, I want you to know that I am back on the soccer field playing for my college. My knee feels great, and I have no problem at all. I am actually scoring goals as well. Thank you again for all your help and encouragement during my rehab, especially when I though I would never play again.
Magdy, thank you so much for fixing my neck and back! I feel great. I am all ready for the next beat or trip! You made the treatment fun and challenging. I miss seeing all of you.
Terri N.
I just want you to know we just came back from a great trip to China. I was able to walk all around town and get up and down the stairs on the bus without any problem. No one believed I had both my knees replaced just few weeks ago. Thank you for all your help, and keep up the good work.
Magdy, As a nursing administrator, I know what it takes to make people participate in their treatment. You kept encouraging me through it all with your domineering sense of humor and dedication to me. You are a great human being.
Lisa, Nursing Administrator

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